Why Is Gold SO Rare?

Why exactly is Gold such a rare metal? The science of gold’s rarity: explained

It’s long been a dream of man to be able to create gold from base metals – a task that has so far failed alchemists, chemists, magicians and scientists – despite incredible advances in every branch of science, gold remains a rare element – and impossible to create or replicate in the lab.

Of course for anyone investing in gold this is a very good thing! Imagine if someone discovered a process to create gold on an industrial scale – imagine what would happen to the value of your gold investments. The price of gold would plummet.

So why is it impossible to create gold? Importantly why will it remain an impossibility?

Enter the max planck institute

max planck institute and goldFor much of the scientific age, astrophysicists assumed that gold, platinum and other precious metals were created through the heat of supernovae – enormous stellar explosions.

However looking into the exact process in detail it became clear that the math just didn’t add up correctly – there were simply too many supernovae and not enough gold in the universe for this to be the case.

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics have only recently discovered how gold is actually made – in a ground-breaking virtual experiment.

The scientists created a simulation where two neutron stars (extremely compact dead stars) were fused together, in the process emitting a large quantity of extremely hot matter called plasma.

It’s a very quick process – The time between the collision of the stars and full fusion is only 35 milliseconds.

As this plasma cooled to less that 10 billion degrees centigrade a number of complex nuclear reactions took place in rapid succession, which resulted in the formation of numerous elements including the precious metal gold!

Before you go jumping into a spaceship to find colliding neutron stars you’ve got to bear in mind that this is anything other than a common event – in fact in our entire galaxy, astronomers estimate that two neutron stars fuse at most once every 100,000 years.

The next hazard to any alchemist wishing to replicate the gold creation process is that the impact of the collision hurls the precious metals that have been created light years into space – and a black hole is created at the center of the explosion.

Every single gram of gold on earth was formed as a result of one of these somewhat rare interstellar events.

So next time you’re buying bullion or adding to your gold IRA think about the awesome rarity and spectacular creation of what you’re investing in. Gold is truly the ultimate investment!

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  1. so where do I buy a spaceship capable of getting me to some of them there neutron stars? Oh and is neutron star produced gold valid in a gold IRA?

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