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American Bullion Overview:

American Bullion specialize in converting your existing IRA or former 401K into gold or other precious metals.

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12301 Wilshire Blvd #650
Los Angeles
CA 90025

1-800 531 6525



Our American Bullion Review:

American Bullion came fourth in our Consumers Choice Award for 2013, but have slipped to 17th position in 2014, as voted for by our readers. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an A rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, 5 Star ratings at Top Consumer Reviews and Trustlink, American Bullion are a strong contender in the gold and precious metals market.

We like American Bullion and are surprised they’ve lost such ground in our 2014 poll, where last year’s winner Regal held their title and other long-term top performers Lear Capital and Capital Gold Group only slipped one or two places to new top-three companies Only Gold and Gainesville Coins.

We’ve not carried out a mystery shop with American Bullion since January last year, so will investigate what could have caused such a drop and get back with more information shortly.

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American Bullion Website

Looking at the American Bullion site, it’s immediately obvious that they are all about IRAs, declaring themselves “Gold IRA experts”. The site is very crisp, clean and modern, easy to navigate with all of the essential basics at hand, through a good clear menu and an informative slideshow.

In positioning themselves as IRA experts the site is light on many other aspects of gold investments and is clearly focused on gathering leads from people seeking its free information pack – but American Bullion have clearly taken a decision to specialize and it works.

There are no prices displayed on site, charts or tickers so a visitor looking to buy will have to call up, but looking at the very bottom of all pages there is a list of links to the main physical gold products they do sell. Not immediately obvious – but some good information all the same.

Definitely one of the more attractive, easy to navigate gold dealer sites we’ve seen, if a little light on substantial detail – it’s more of a brochure with a freecall number and email submit form.

American Bullion Review: Website Traffic (Unique Visitors /mo.)

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American Bullion Reviews – Mystery Shoppers

American Bullion Reviews: Mystery Shopper 1
Purchase: Precious Metals IRA
Date: November 2012

I had been wanting to get some gold in my retirement plan since my brother had done the same in 2010. He’d had a bad experience with his gold company and advised me to find someone else and I was researching bad reviews about his company when I saw a banner for American Bullion on a site.

I liked what I read and it echoed what my brother was telling me about gold prices and what was going wrong in the world so I filled in the form to get their free information package.

It cant have been more than half an hour since I filled in the form that my phone rang and it was ****** from American Bullion. “Hi” he said, “have you got any questions about your retirement plan that I can help you with while we ship your guide?”. I said no I just want to see the guide then I’ll see if I have any questions.

At this time I had sent off for other packs from other companies so as you can imagine I’d been getting a lot of calls. I had gone out one day and came home to 16 messages, so I was now getting a little tired of calls, so I explained how it was and he said he’d not bother me again until I’d gotten the pack.

The pack came on Friday and by lunch ****** called me again just to confirm I’d had it. I’d read it already so I asked him some questions about how my gold would be stored and about costs. He said he’d prepare me a detailed breakdown if I told him how much I was investing. I said the maximum allowable in my IRA with $50k on top as a simple investment. He gives me a price and I say I’ll think about it.

An hour later he gets back to me with a good deal and I agree in principle to do the deed, so he emailed me a form and we spend the next day sending each other forms.

I get my IRA set up and move funds over and we decide what sort of gold to add. I settle on coins and bars and he suggests silver so I add silver too.

A few days later, everything is in place and I own a safe load of precious metals. It was a shame the first thing prices did was go down, but I know that in the long run I’m going to be laughing.

****** was a stand up guy, he knew the market inside out and he didn’t try and oversell me which I appreciate.

Would you believe it I’m STILL getting calls from these other companies?

Quality of information:
Quality of customer care:
Quality of product:
Suitability of product:

Negatives: sales calls but that’s to be expected

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American Bullion Reviews: Mystery Shopper 2
Purchase: Gold Coins
Date: January 2013

I have been looking to buy some gold coins to give to my grandchildren thinking it can help them out when they get to college age especially with rising gold prices, but I have to say I know very little about gold coins so was also looking for advice.

Looking online I saw American Bullion at the top of the lists and after looking at their website which was very impressive gave them a call.

Speaking to ****** he was initially very helpful and polite but when he heard I was only buying 2 coins his tone definitely changed and I got the feeling he wanted me off the phone telling me that most of the questions I was asking were available on their website and to have a good look there then call back.

After hanging up I read the American Bullion site some more but I was now concerned that this wasn’t the place I wanted to do business with but my thought was this was maybe just a guy having a bad day especially as other reviews I read were good.

Phoning back ****** wasn’t available so I was put through to ****** and thankfully she was considerably more helpful and understanding when I explained I knew very little other than what I’d read on their website.

She talked me through the different gold coins available and how some were much more expensive than others which were really only worth their weight in gold. She suggested that as these were special gifts that I buy coins that were better than what she called bullion (up until then I thought gold bullion was bars) and that some coins were crisper, sharper and more shiny.

I agreed with her and we decided on two coins and she gave me two free cases with them as they were gifts.

The coins arrived and I was absolutely delighted with the quality and my daughter thinks it’s such a lovely gift for her kids but wondered where hers was!

I’m not rating the overall experience as highly as I could have due to ******’s attitude, and had it not been for the professionalism and extreme patience of ****** I would in all probability have gone elsewhere.

Quality of information:
Quality of customer care:
Quality of product:
Suitability of product:

Negatives: I got the feeling from the first AB representative I spoke with that my money wasn’t worth his time

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3 Reviews
  1. Very surprised to see American Bullion in your top 5 as all the times I’ve had dealings with them there have been nothing but issues – and never their fault of course. In the end I jumped ship and now source my precious metals through ******. One consultant I do miss at AB however is ****** she is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and goes the whole nine yards it’s just a shame her efforts are let down by the rest.

    GD Star Rating
  2. I must have spoken with the same two representatives as Mystery Shopper 2 only unfortunately for them I got them in the other order. My first phonecall went better than I could have hoped and ****** advised me to do something I hadn’t even thought of or other advisers had mentioned and when I looked online to confirm the process she was absolutely right.

    I called back and rather than ****** I was put through to ****** who spoke down to me and made me feel like a first grader.

    I ended up going with a different company also on this site and it’s a shame as this ultimately would have cost ****** a commission so I hope American Bullion can get rid of this awful advisor before he causes any lasting damage.

    GD Star Rating
  3. Spoken to or I should say AT very rudely by ****** at American Bullion and all for questioning something in their terms. I’m very glad this happened before I parted with any of my cash.

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